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This Workplace Communication & Behaviour Course learning outcomes include; Understand active listening skills, manipulate situations with a range of behaviour techniques, using social influencing theories with interactive scenarios.
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Level 3

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Showing 10 of the 12 included eLearning lessons in this course. The whole course takes on average 1 hours, 7 minutes

A prelude and opening statements of the core subject material.

Understand the use of effective communication techniques to gain improved commitment from employees as well as support, co-operation and the benefits of encouraging listening.

Understand this fundamental communication skill and the reflective techniques used in counselling, training, and conflict resolution.

Learn about changing behaviour by working through our interactive communication scenarios and receive guidance on your choices.

Understand how to properly plan for each encounter with a colleague by preparing your conversations before they happen using the active listening toolbox.

Learn about changing behaviour by working through our interactive communication scenarios and receive guidance on your choices.

Understand the key aspects of social influencing, willingness to listen, worth of respect and non-threatening actions and how to implement them in your communication.

Learn about personality types and understand their character traits.

Learn about changing behaviour by working through our interactive communication scenarios and receive guidance on your choices.

Learn about third party influencing and how to use this to change individuals behaviour within the workplace.

Learn about changing behaviour by working through our interactive communication scenarios and receive guidance on your choices.

All trainees receive a globally recognized & subject informative Certificate of Completion as proof of successfully completing the training. Certificates are permanently stored in your account, always accessible online, and downloadable in PDF format too.

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About this course
Level 3
Workplace Communication & Behaviour Course

This online course includes all of the 12 lessons above. It is designed to develop the trainees Workplace Communication & Behaviour skills for health and safety compliance in the workplace, providing valuable real-world learning outcomes at a high speed. It's used by individuals, groups and businesses to train their workforce across industries including , among others.

Provided by Bedfordshire Chamber Training based in Luton & Bedfordshire, it's accessible at anytime online from an internet connected device at work or home, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Teams have access to a highly rated LMS and all successfully completing trainees achieve a Certificate of Completion.

Bedfordshire Chamber Training

Behaviour Change eLearning

Learn how to effectively change people's behaviour at work, this Behaviour Change course uses a range of health & Safety based workplace scenarios, and focuses on how a change in behaviour may be influenced using a tool kit of methods, including the 'Stepping Stones to Behavioural Change'. We focus on a subject close to our heart, the key issues of Compliance, Commitment and Trust, and how to obtain them.

This course considers the impact of creating trust within the workforce and how it can impact areas such as the health and safety culture within an organisation, and how someone with responsibility such as a Health & Safety Professional may take a considered approach to effective communication in order to effectively achieve their goals.

During this online training course we introduce you to a fictitious company, a retail distribution organisation centred around a warehouse and office premises, employing approximately 40 people. You will assume the role of the new Health & Safety Manager within the company; Peter Jones.

As part of this course you will interact with individuals within each scenario in order to identify and demonstrate your ability to use, and understand the benefits of Active Listening Skills.

These scenarios demonstrate a new Health & Safety Manager dealing with first encounters, but you can apply the principles to your own circumstances.

Course Tags: risk, behaviour, change, safety, health, influence, positive, culture, compliance, commitment, trust, crisis, customer service, active listening, establishing authority, level 3, sales, business, cpd,

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