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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you seen our Articles & Support? You might find what you're after there.

No problem, that's why we're here. Just come through to our friendly Support Team and we’ll walk you through a demo by phone, live chat or video call whichever you prefer.

We also have industry specialists who can make recommendations for businesses and teams to consider too.

We try to keep our e-learning simple and easy so you're always covered by our Money-back Guarantee which allows you to exchange a course you're not happy with for another or just get a refund if you want also.

Learn more about our Money-back Guarantee here.

All of our courses can be accessed from any device using the internet, at any time - so they're not held in one real place like Luton & Bedfordshire only.

Check out our how it works page, you can always call us if you need any help.

Just like buying anything else bought online! Find a Bedfordshire Chamber Training course you would want, then add it to your Shopping Cart, then choose how many you need.

e.g. just one for you, or 5 for your whole team of 5 people, then proceed to the Checkout where you can pay by Card.

You're always covered by our Money-back Guarantee and here's a more detailed article about how Bedfordshire Chamber Training online courses work.

We like to keep Bedfordshire Chamber Training courses simple, there's no contracts, no monthly payments, addons or hidden fees.

Just pay for each person that wants to use a course once.

If you're only buying for yourself, you just buy one course. If you want to train a small team of 5 people, you just buy 5 courses.

Once you've bought a course, you get access to the training, all questions/exams, all the records, real-person support and certificates in that one-off price.

Each course we offer is priced differently. You can find a course's price by viewing it's description page before you add it to the Shopping Cart to buy.

Feel free to get in-touch if you need any help or guidance.

Teams and Businesses Course Pricing

Individuals, large multi-national organisations and everyone in between use our courses - so for teams or businesses buying many courses in one go, we sometimes provide bulk discounts.

As a team adds more course quantity into the Shopping Cart, e.g. 26 courses for a team, or 1200 courses for a larger company, you'll see the price per person go down substantially.

Some industries like to renew their training periodically, like every year, with the most updated content to refresh their workforce's knowledge often. If you want to renew the same people on updated courses in a team account year-after-year we offer Loyalty Renewal discounts so you don't need to pay the full price or setup again every year.

Yes, of course! Once you've successfully completed a course, you get your internationally recognised Certificate of Completion all included with the price.

If you're an Account Manager for a Team account, you will have access to Certificates for all your trainees and also be able to restrict access to the Certificates in your team's account.

Fine by us! You can use Bedfordshire Chamber Training online training platform whenever it suits you, and that includes buying courses. Our Support Team is available 24/7 so you can always contact us at any time using our Contact page or the web chat feature.

No. It's all online on the web, so there are no apps to install or extra permissions to grant.

Our courses are designed to be simple and easy to access for everyone from a single person on their phone, to a global network of staff dotted around the world.

We can offer a video call demo with a member of our team if you need help choosing a course.

Our full Money-back Guarantee always applies too, if you're not happy with a course you can exchange it for another or have a refund.

If you are planning for a large team or a custom course, just contact our Support Team, to arrange a demonstration and a free-trial too.

Certainly. You can add as many users as needed for free.

Teams can have an unlimited number of Account Managers to share the workload, and even an unlimited amount of sub-accounts under your main account to group your teams as you see fit.

e.g. You could group teams by location or department for easier automated reporting.

We also have a bunch of time saving features for larger teams, such as automatic emails of completion reports etc.

Yes. Bedfordshire Chamber Training e-learning is built with big organisations in mind. You can use sub-accounts to add a tiered/staggered hierarchy that makes sense for your organisation's structure for no extra cost.

e.g. Senior management could have an overall view of all sites/locations while you can add Account Managers to each site/location to take responsibility for adding their own users and monitoring their site/location progress while being separated from the others.

Yes. Just login and click the courses Menu button to see all the course lessons, then click the module you’d like to review again.

Handy for referring back to details while on the go!

No problem, our courses are super simple to use and straightforward. Even if you're a scientist on a super computer or never really used a computer before.

Our Support Team is here for you 24/7, and our system is designed to be super easy to use for all age ranges from all walks of life.

No. Take all the time you need, your course will be open for 1 year from the date you first access it, so you can learn at your own pace in your own space.

You can choose to receive automated Completion Emails notifying you when each user completes a course, or simply check the Progress Report from time to time to see the latest information.

All all Bedfordshire Chamber Training courses are online. As you go through each lesson in a course you'll come across various methods of learning verification - such as multiple choice questions and in some of our more advanced courses, written workbooks.

You can answer these in your own time from your own device connected to the internet, and at the end of the course all your marks are added up and if you've successfully completed you'll receive an official Certificate of Completion as your evidence for passing.

See our how it works post for more information.

Each course has different requirements for passing, but don't worry, if you don't pass the first time you can retake individual lessons in your own time for no cost until you do pass.

Business accounts can choose a suitable pass mark for their course’s industry and standards. Just send a Support Ticket to the Support Team and they will confirm your team's pass mark.

No, your work is automatically saved as you progress through the course. It's super simple and works on all internet connected devices like iPads, Laptops, Phones and Computers etc.

If you're an Account Manager for a Team account, you have access to the Progress Report where you can see your whole team's progress at a glance.

You can filter any course status such as Completed or Not Started and be able to filter for date ranges or show the date ranges in a specific order etc.

We'll also contact you if you've got a renewal deadline for a lot of courses coming up shortly.

Don't worry you haven't wasted a course! You can just return the unused course back to your team's account and assign it to anyone else without charge when you need to.

Courses sitting in your team's account waiting to be assigned to someone never expire.

Most people complete their courses in one session, or split it up over a few days when they have the time. How long each course takes depends on how fast you learn and how detailed the specific course is.

You'll have access to a course for a whole year from the date you first start it. After 1 year it will automatically expire and you can choose to renew the course if you want to.

You can find an average completion time guideline on the course's description page, some courses only take 15 mins, while some can be hours long.

You can take as many breaks and stop/start as much as you like, all your progress is remembered.

If you don't quite pass the first time, you can retake individual lessons from the course as many times as needed. Keep redoing the sections until you've got the hang-of-it.

There’s no additional cost if you don't pass a lesson, and you can just retake the failed lessons, rather than redoing the entire course.

Your score is automatically updated as you go.

Just complete the Shopping Cart and Checkout with your name, buying as many courses as your team needs.

e.g. For a team of five people, you would buy 5 courses in the Shopping Cart.

After that, and once you're logged in, you can add as many trainees as you like to your team's account and assign them a course you just purchased. They'll then also get an email to login just like you did.

It takes less than a few mins, we're always here on the phone if you need any help.

Your team can do the training on their own schedule. Here's more information about how businesses and teams can use our e-learning.

Contact Bedfordshire Chamber Training

We're always here when you need us, our friendly Luton & Bedfordshire support team are here to help 24/7.

We do our best to get back to you within a couple of hours, or at least the next-day.