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1.5 min read   ·   July 9th, 2018


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TL;DR Show your Certificates of Completion and Key Skills on your LinkedIn Profile, it helps to get your profile noticed. (How? Read here) Whether you're looking for a new career or just engaging more with your company and industry... Start by surrounding yourself with the connections, community news and knowledge that will propel you forwards - it's the perfect stepping stone towards your professional goals.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become the worlds largest social network for professional life - and if you're not on it already, you really should be.

But - perhaps more importantly - businesses and recruiters use it as a modern-day CV directory for hiring and finding new talent.

How can LinkedIn benefit you?

As everyone already knows - if you're after a new career (or just that long-deserved promotion) it's all about "the skills you can bring to the table". Taking the initiative and developing yourself and your connections makes you more valuable. 

LinkedIn is brilliant for this - by connecting with industry news, colleagues, classmates, clients and suppliers.

It's also had a huge impact in recruitment and staffing too... it's extremely powerful for HR Departments and Recruiters to Search, Find and Analyse professionals in their sector - helping them find perfect people to fit their jobs (hopefully you!).

LinkedIn helps you with Connections (the people and companies you associate with on LinkedIn) and Keywords (key skills, phrases, activity and certificate information that connections and recruiters use to find you).

TIP: Connect with Bedfordshire Chamber Training on LinkedIn too! 

Why does Bedfordshire Chamber care?

Your posts, skills and training certificates all add value to your LinkedIn Profile, helping you to develop your professional reach and beautifully improve your LinkedIn presence.

Keep posting and talking about the subjects you're interested in (or recently learnt more about with us) and show your proof by adding your Bedfordshire Chamber Training Certificate to your LinkedIn Profile. (How do you add a certificate to your LinkedIn Profile? Read more here)

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